We make moving pictures.

We make pictures that move.


Animation, visual effects and motion graphics for film, television and advertising since 1991.


N Squared Proprietary Limited is a Melbourne-based Australian company. It is, essentially, a partnership of two, Noel Richards and Janice Filipuzzi. Although rarely collaborating directly on projects, their work is never entirely separate, either.

My work is predominantly animation and compositing. I use Maya and Realflow for animations and After Effects and Photoshop for compositing. I have produced work for advertising, films and more recently, art galleries. In 2013, I returned to the VCA to participate in a year-long post-graduate certificate. The resulting cycle of photographic and CGI composites are on my stills page.



My role is, principally, to provide photographic resources for 3D work in the form of texture maps and references.. I have also been involved in designing lighting set-ups and providing photographic imagery for use as backgrounds or content for photo-montages.


As a graduate of the VCA in photography, I have constructed several themed exhibitions, elements of which are on my stills page. I have recently produced a body of text work, including poetry, essays and  a novella.

A selection of videos from my vimeo channel.

A recent example of motion graphics

A recent animated television commercial

A reel of visual effects for film and advertising

A reel of animations for retail advertising


Noel Richards



Link to my channel on vimeo showing animated films, music clips, television commercials, and visual effects reels



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Janice Filipuzzi

All images © copyright Janice Filipuzzi, 1990-2014.


Noel Richards

The Urbino Cycle comprises ten large photographic prints (1200mm square) accompanied by ten small 'labels'. The subject of the work is a series of variations on a theme by Piero Della Francesca, referring to his portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino.

All images © copyright Noel Richards, 2013-2014



A selection of clients of N Squared, past and present.






Buchanan Group, Clemenger Advertising, Complete Post, Concrete Wednesday, Exit films, Iloura, J Walter Thomson, Leo Burnett, MRPP,  Saatchis, SOS films, Spinach, The Faith Agency, Yarra Films



Ambience, Dfilm, Emerald City Design, GMD



303 Advertising, Double G





Gold Coast

Photon VFX



Arri TV, Munich; Visuals SpA, Milan; Buchanan Group, Toronto